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Why am I not going back to school this fall? I have so many things I want to write and awtewarlykahwetjwaetwaiuth. Next year....

But for now...

I need to start a blog and/or writing down all the things going through my head seriously. I need to see what it is possible for me to do while only marginally affiliated with a university. Librarians do publish, so I may be in luck there. But aghawtjlwkjht.

I need to make myself reading lists. I need to read and write a lot.

I need to look into contacting a few people whose work is related to what I want to do. I already am in contact with two, and I know there's at least one or two more people that I should look into. I need to email the two I'm in contact with again with updates.

I need to look into schools and figure out where and when and how I want to apply. And figure out what I'm willing to do and where I'm willing to go. (Am I willing to give up my preferred location for a year? Am I willing to put my own money into it? How much?)

I need to research scholarships and grants.

I need to apply to jobs to hopefully raise money this year so that I have it available during lean but fulfilling years ahead.

I also need to work on cosplays and maybe take a few commissions for things. Maybe. Aaaah....

Welp. It may be a full year after all.
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