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Because I have the feeling that people here will be interested in knowing…

Jason Forbach is going to be in the new Broadway cast as Feuilly, understudying as Enjolras.

(…do we need to plan a NYC pilgrimage now?)
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Happy birthday dear [personal profile] tsukinokage.

As of a few hours ago, you are officially 24.

I hope it is a wonderful year and brings you one step closer to living in Canada.

But really. You are amazing and I am so glad I have you in my life. All my love on you. <3
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On the downside, I'm a little cranky and trying to convince myself that the negative parts of my mindset do have positive sides with mixed success. Also, like my life is stagnant, unfulfilled, and not much of a "life" at the moment.

On the upside, I have work to do including lots of costume work and some job applications, so I should get going on that because being productive usually is a positive feeling, and does mean that I'm doing something.

On the downside I'll never know when I'll be interrupted.

On the upside, I will be booking my bus tickets either later this week or early next week. (aghashlkjgh I need to finalize my dates ghlakjglkjshgkjh) Because there is no better interruption than one I plan myself and will take me away from stuff for a while.

On the downside, I feel kind of lonely.

On the upside, I have plans and potential plans for the near future. Including a baby's first birthday and an outing to Toronto with epic cupcakes.

On the downside, my stomach is doing weird things on and off, partially because sleep has been weird lately (partially my fault, partially my body's fault, partially other people's fault).

On the upside, it's breakfast time, and that should hopefully help my stomach settle.
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So, I officially have a potential cosplay lineup, though not days for each. :)

As of yet, it looks like [personal profile] tsukinokage I will be doing:

  • Pokémon (Pikachu and Squirtle probably, either rewearing our sweaterdresses or fun new versions.)

  • Hogwarts (Hermione and... another student?)

  • Les Mis (Combeferre and Courfeyrac, unless Cour decides to become R or something. XD)

  • Harvest Moon (Claire and Jill.)

I only have to worry about two wigs for transport, which is nice. Also, it's a nice mix of rewears, spruce-ups, and new, which means I'm not going to kill myself with making new things. :) Plus, I don't have to buy a ton of fabric, which is also good. (I think I need... a bit of cotton and some notions? Perhaps a new pair of overalls, but I can continue with the ones I have just fine as well. ^^)

Now just to get started. :)
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Ended up not getting either job. But that's okay -- it leaves me open for full-time opportunities. Which hopefully will come soon.

There's been some nice postings lately, so hopefully I will get some good interviews from at least a few, and hopefully an offer from one or more. Offers would be good.

In the meantime, I will continue to soldier on, and try to get my life in order so I'm even more ready for that position when it comes. :)

...and try to break the late happy mornings sad nights cycle I've been having lately, preferably in preference of maintaining the morning mood, but you know.
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So, went fabric shopping today with friends for Gokaiger stuff, because our Luka wants to get started on her stuff ASAP (even if the main wearing won't be until Anime North). There was some decent velvet/velveteen that I might end up getting for Don's jacket if it goes on sale (if there's an "all Basic fabric 50% off" sale or something of the sort), but I'm going to keep my eyes open as well.

That being said, we found (and bought) some good yellow and red material. The results will be, shall we say, Marvellous? (I had to. and will probably keep having to because it's too good a joke not to make.)

Thank goodness, also, that these outfits are all "make 1-2 pieces, figure out hair, thrift shop the rest". Costumes like that make lives soooooo much easier sometimes. :)

Two ideas also came up today.

1) Having a tea party (or "tea" party, as the case may be) as a group somewhere at the con. (And possibly outside the con as well some other time, though we won't have a full group for that... sob.) Possibly because Navi said it would lead to gaining another ultimate power. (Go-Buster? Akibaranger? ...can unofficial sentai even HAVE ultimate power?)

2) Having a... just shy of 20-month-old Navi. (Potentially poncho-ish style so that size doesn't matter. Won't be a very... accurate costume, but we'd probably win all the cute points ever.)

Also, do we have to crash any and all One Piece photoshoots that are planned for that day [assuming they do not clash with other scheduled events such as panels]? I think we might. XD *horrible horrible person* *except apparently not that bad because Don's bounty is consistently the lowest by a considerable margin*

While on this note: [personal profile] catofshades/[personal profile] estelraca/[personal profile] guardian_beast/M -- I know I talked to you folks before, but are you still interested in Joe/Gai/other people, and any idea who would be whom? (Not that there's not time to change minds a bazillion times, just because getting an idea is good.)

Also, may potentially have a few others joining the overall group. Trying to think of someone for [personal profile] tsukinokage, and potentially my cousin[s] (one of whom is the mother of said will-be 20 month old, and definitely wants him to cosplay at con. ...though a full-grown Navi could also be interesting, if not quite correct size-wise.) If anyone has any ideas for good add-ons (which is kind of an amusing question because it literally could be ANYONE FROM ANY SENTAI SERIES OR RELATED FRANCHISE)... yeah.

Yay lots of time to figure stuff out. ...which also means yay lots of time for scouting out thrift shop sales and finding plaid shirts in the boys' section. just to figure out what I'm going to be doing on the OTHER days of that con. ...and get a more complete idea of Youma cosplay plans, as it's just over two months away. Meep!
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Well, I'm on the other side of the two interviews. I... think? they went fairly well, but I've never been the best judge of these things. I'm sending off thank you letters to everyone today, though, so we'll see if that helps my chances any.

Also applying to a few more things... because I should and yes.

I'm hoping for a few more callbacks, and the phone keeps ringing. Unfortunately, never for what I want (there actually was a telemarketing call for me this morning, but there you go). Hopefully that changes soon. And/or my email gets full of requests. It seems they can and do come both ways these days.

As it is, I'm wondering whether to go to the library today or wait until tomorrow. We'll see how I feel in a few hours. :)

Warning: There be spoilers under here )
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So, on Tumblr, I came across someone today who has made a set of AmiRangers.

I realize that a number of my lj/dw friends may not be on Tumblr, so I'm just gonna leave a link here as it may be of interest. (Sadly, it does not include Bahorel as a pink ranger. Still. XD)
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My plans for today involve applying to every job left in my pile of job apps except one, which I need to locate some additional papers for (and I want to have that one off within a week or two; I'm planning on going through the places where I should be able to locate said papers in that time). (Added a second onto this pile. It would work better if I put work into an old project of mine, and it's not exactly in-scope, but I don't want to discard it yet either. Heh.)

Still really hoping to hear back from some of the ones I applied to last week, but I probably won't until next week or the week after at the earliest (most of them don't close until around the 10th, ergo). I've noticed a small inconsistency on my reference page and I'm trying not to freak out over it, but what's happened happened and I know that I will get a job that is awesome for me sometime soon. Things are changing, and something is telling me that I'm going to be dragged in just the right direction soon.

Wish me luck.

On a related note, going through one's closet is very cathartic. Mind, I can only call 1/3 of it "mine" as far as streets go (1/3 is cosplay, and the other is family costume/old clothes-y stuff. It's a small walk-in), but nonetheless. I'm trying the thing where you turn the hangers around too, so it aught to be educational.

But yes. Job apps today, then sewing/cutting out stuff/going through boxes and bags over the next while, and keeping up with the postings as they come in. Sounds good. :)

[Edit] Aaand done all but the two now. =D Hooray!
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You know the kind of day when you can't find a good place to do work (between wanting natural light and being subjected to too much noise) and end up doing pretty much none of it?

The kind of day when your body's feeling not quite right, and you're restless but you want to get your work done, and as said above you can't, but you really don't want to break until you do because you're afraid you'll never get it done if you don't?

The kind of day when you find out one of your trans friends that you're already worried about is apparently being subjected to therapy to convince them that it's just a phase and that they're wrong?

The kind of day when you're asked to make a snap decision for how to spend this afternoon, and you end up breaking down and being far too negative than it deserves because it partially hits on an issue that has been bothering you for a while, and partially is just... everything else that's been going on that day?

Yeah, it's been that kind of day.

...and now it's raining. How mood-fitting.

I've had a lot of great things happen lately, and I'm so grateful for my friends and family. I really am. But sometimes days still get overwhelming and sucky and I just want to burrow away and get hugs.
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I have a backlog of job applications that I want to get through. Although I've been applying to some, they've seemingly been building up nonetheless, and I know I'm not going to let myself do a bunch of things that I want to do until I actually get them done. (A lot of my days are spent being all procrastinate-y and going between fiddling with job apps and watching TV. Not the best way to spend my time, really.)

This needs to change.


My plan is to blitz through as many apps as possible this week. Do them well, but just... concentrate on actually getting them done. And then I can get down to important things. Like organizing my boxes in the basement and gaming and reading and working on my programming skills.

There's a few jobs I particularly have my eye on right now -- one is part-time at a university, one is full-time in BC (that's gonna be a bit of a move), and one is working at a tea shop. There's also a bunch of others that look great, though.'s just getting one that suits me, and that they like me for.

Wish me luck!

[Edit] ...and I may have been just recommended for a job in a hospital library in downtown Toronto. I. Um. Wow. (Still have to apply... but still.) We'll see if anything comes of this but I'm kind of internally freaking out in all the good ways right now. TO THE WORKMOBILE!
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Trying to figure out Youma right now....

[personal profile] tsukinokage wants to book a hotel, but I'm still terrified of the idea because if I need to cancel, I don't want to strand her with a room potentially to herself and the fees that accompany such. On the other hand, places are starting to get booked up, which isn't surprising -- some of the prime Anime North hotels are probably quite booked up if not full by now (though there are enough hotels within a short distance that there are still plenty of rooms available too).

I really do want to go this year, and I'm hoping everything will get together so that I can make it down (certainly, if I have the weekend free I will be making my way down because there's too much I don't want to miss now), but I don't feel like I can confirm at all until I have a job or else there's, like, two weeks left. And preferably the former case and a formal request in to take that weekend (preferably Thursday or Friday to Monday) off. And this is where I say once again that the hardest thing of not having a job is that it makes me afraid to plan anything too solidly too far in advance. I actually ended up freaking out when I had a job interview for something that would start right in time to ruin plans I'd been looking forward to for months. Thankfully I didn't end up getting it anyway, but the point still stands that it was terrifying and very stressing to wonder how or if I could balance the thing I'd been anticipating strongly for months and put a lot of hopes in, and having a job for a few months.

I'll be glad when I have stability, and when I know I can safely plan ahead for things.

In the meantime, I still need to figure out what to do about Halloween and November.
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Happy 4th of July.

Here's a deleted scene from 1776. It is wonderful.

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Hey guys, guess what I'm seeing next week!

You'll never guess what kind of show it is. Nope. Never. Ever.

(Also, this is going to be my first time going to the Toronto Fringe Festival, or any Fringe Festival, for that matter, ever. I'm very excited! =D)
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For those of you who were on Cards tonight, I present to you the Jewish Snake, via [personal profile] tsukinokage aka Malachi.

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Today is the last day of my parents' teaching careers.

To give you some perspective, my mom has been teaching in the library at the same school before I was born, and my father, who has been teaching since before I was born as well, worked in a family-owned computer store that was one of the local school board's top providers of technical equipment before that. I just learned a bit about the latter at his retirement party.

My mom is retiring because she's had the feeling that 'it's time' for a while now. It's hard, and she will admit it, but it's time, and she's ready to move on. My dad is a little more reluctant, but his school is closing this year, and he is taking that as his final sign that yes, this is his time as well.

They're naming the library at my mom's school after her. She's been its librarian for around half of its over 50-year history and so it's a quite deserved honour, but I'm still pleasantly amazed by this. She did deserve it, though, and I hope that one day someone will think so highly of me when it's my time to go.

The only potential downside is for the incumbent teacher-librarian, who happens to be a good family friend. This is not why he got the position, though I suppose it didn't hurt -- he is a wonderful man, and his various skills will be perfect for the school. However, I have the feeling it is more than a little daunting to know that not only is he walking into her library, but that he is walking into Her Library.

Last week was my dad's retirement party. It was... good. I am somewhat glad I went and was able to be there for him, though I will admit that I don't know the staff at his school very well, and thus it pretty much ended up with me sitting at a table for four hours and not talking much. Still enjoyable, if a bit drawn out for me. (I've been to far worse, including one thing that was technically partially for me. The main problem is that I'm no good at these sort of things without a buddy, and when you're somewhat the social outsider... yeeaaah. But it happens, and this was a good one so yes.)

Tonight is my mom's retirement party, and attending it will be teachers who I have known, and who have known me, for years. It's going to be weird saying goodbye to them as a family, let alone individually, though I have the feeling that I may stay in at least loose contact with one or two.

I also wonder how final this goodbye will be: my parents both are not planning on doing any occasional/supply/substitute teaching in their retirement, believing that the spots are much better filled by young teachers who need a foot in. However, especially since we still have ties to the school and to the person taking over the position my mom has held for just short of 30 years, I do wonder if I really have seen the last of the dinosaur-muraled walls and the bookshelves that I've organized, cleaned, created displays for, and taken inventory of time and time again.

Either way, this is a huge day for my family. I'm both excited and scared for what lies ahead for all of us, and glad that I can celebrate this occasion with teachers who have become like friends to me, let alone my mother, to whom some are practically family.
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So, I'm about 1/3 of the way through Gokaiger now. Technically, if I only watched different episodes, I'd be a fair amount further, but last night I ended up introducing a friend of mine to the series instead. It was certainly worthwhile. >D

Part of me really wants to know who the heck does the costuming for this series. And how they find people who feel comfortable doing acrobatics in very boxy outfits. ...and have for so many years.

One thing I'll say about the movie's production is that it's a little jarring when they pull out stock footage from original series for battle attacks. That being said, seeing so many sentai in one place at the same time is certainly VERY epic. (and would make for one heck of a flashmob idea. Because THINK OF THE COSPLAY POTENTIAL.)

It's also really cool seeing a bunch of the actors from the older seasons -- part of me is now giggling and wondering what the eventual 50th season will be like and how many cameos and homages they will have there. (Or the 52nd -- literally one per episode.)

As for the series itself and plot -- I am enjoying it thus far. And am definitely going to need to get my hands on the last DVD sometime in the near-ish future so I can watch the last several episodes. (Still have a good amount to watch before then, but still.) For at least the second time (if not more), I find that my friends really do understand me and my style: Doc really is easily becoming my favourite character, and the one I best relate to. (And was the one they suggested I cosplay BEFORE I STARTED WATCHING THE SERIES).

This happened with Gundam Wing too. Something about people thinking I would make a good Quatre, and then shoving the series at me. Not only do I love him, but I am related to the historical personage on which he was loosely inspired. (And for anyone who is interested, I have a lot of amusing stories relating to Gundam Wing cosplay. Unless you are my 1-5, Hilde, or Miss Relena, in which case you probably already know all of them. Or most of them.)

And now that I've dorked for a bit....

I'm feeling the pull of someone or something directing me today, in a good direction. I'm hoping I'm right.

Nothing major, but... I decided to look up some games that I could take out from the local library for a family get together in a few weeks. While there, I discovered that there is an hour-long meeting about the future of the library going on tonight, and that there was still spots available to register. I don't actually know if I have anything to say, but as someone who is trying to get a library job, hearing what others have to say, and what sort of things members of the public may be interested in... actually is a really good thing for me to know. So, I'm off to the library tonight!

Hopefully I'll have some more job interviews (and an accompanying job offer and awesome work times) in the near future. But in the meantime, even a small step and the feeling that I might be going in the right direction is good. I like that this is something that's immediate action and (seemingly) out of nowhere for me. And I'm going for it. :)

Plus, it gets me out of the house for an hour or two, which is something that I really need to work on doing more often. I'm definitely starting to be too much of a homebody. ...and gives me an opportunity to pick up some books that I'd like to borrow if they're in.....

...I feel like giving a rant on my feelings of things falling into place at certain times right now, but I think I'll save that for another post. In the meantime... job applications and Chopped. Yay?
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I'm watching my Father's Day present to my dad right now.

Anyone want to guess what it is?

You have two clues: The first is this entry's title, and the second is that it triggers a state of distress within the Big Bang Theory.

I should post a real update sometime in the near future. I just need something to post about first.
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Under here! )

And for those of you who prefer your Combeferre to be a megane character....

Here you go! )

Notes: The basic knot on the cravat is really easy to tie. Now just to get the rest of the placement down.... I have the feeling Combeferre would want to use the mathematical tie, just for the name alone. But we'll see. >.>

Technically I'm indecent here: being in just shirtsleeves was considered such back then. I hope you will forgive me in my underdressedness.

Most of this is actually fairly historically accurate. I'm going off of patterns from reenactor friends and/or from research. The most inaccurate thing to date is the fabric of my cravat. And yes, I have drop-front trousers.

...I'm being very tempted to make a nightshirt and then cosplay him getting ready in the morning....

...or trying to get a full group together. (Youma anyone? I'll gladly make everyone historically accurate shirts if wanted.....)

But yes. Combeferre progress shots. Yay?
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So, I randomly ended up seeing a high school production of Les Mis yesterday!

[personal profile] tsukinokage and I were taking note of various cuts, and trying to figure out which of the students were which (of course, there were far more than 9, but shhh.) There was one girl who was dressed as a boy, and she had one of Jean Prouvaire's lines (people always seem to make him rather effeminate....) a different person was referenced as Feuilly than sang most of Feuilly's lines, Grantare seemed pretty much erased (his lines in red/black were split between three guys and most of the rest of his stuff was cut), and Enjolras had an undercut. ...we were joking that he wasn't effeminate enough for a few moments (I actually don't mind that much in musical versions, but I'm specific about how I like my Enjolrai in movies, I will admit). Courfeyrac and Combeferre were fairly easy to spot, I think, though we could be wrong. (We agreed on who Cour probably was at least). We have... people who could have been Lesgle/Joly/Bossuet as well, but not off of enough to really be sure.

The Valjean was quite operatic -- he handled the part quite well, vocally, I was pretty impressed. A VERY trained voice. It was obvious why he'd been cast, and he used his talent well.

I will say, though, the Thérnardiers were easily the best part for me -- the two really hammed it up, and M. Thérnardiers threw in some wonderful ad-libs. There's something that can be said when you like the bad guys best, but then there's not many shows I can think of in which your baddies are also your comedic relief.

Besides Pokemon.

...if this means that we need a Pokemon/Les Mis crossover, then I wholeheadly approve, and am entirely behind the existence of Nurse Jo[l]y. (Not my idea, but I'll gladly appropriate it, because yes.)

Well, I suppose it technically means we need more Pokemon/Les Mis crossovers, because I know of at least one, and am sure there are more out there.

...and on that topic, I really should get/post pics of my Pikachu hoodie dress, and [personal profile] tsukinokage's Squirtle hoodie dress and backpack at some point, particularly before the latter set goes back to the states. (I figured out how to machine quilt the shell design onto the material! I'm proud of myself!)

...and I should get Combeferre (which didn't get finished for con... sob!) to a level where I can take pics for Barricade Day. Because people would like to see me as Combeferre, yes? Maybe? Hopefully?

I should also say that the Les Mis panel at Anime North went awesomely. Much more musical based than I was expecting, including loads of singing, but I'm not incredibly surprised by that. I am surprised at how much the audience burst into song. Oh gosh that was wonderful. I always need more excuses to burst into song, especially when it's musical theatre-related. (It helps if people can stay on key/tempo, but I will take what I can get. =D)

...and this has gone from having a point to being screen of consciousness enough. Hooray for topics bleeding into one another! (and this is probably what I get for posting at midnight when slightly sick, slightly sleep deprived, and half-watching my 3rd version of Les Mis in 30 hours. Oops?)