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Birthdate:Apr 11
C-chan is, in her own words, just a girl.

She has a habit of slipping into 3rd person sporadically. She also can be a bit absentminded and a bad speller.

Sometimes she's quite mature, wise and insightful. Other times, she seems to suit her shoe-size better. And she has small feet.

She defines herself as being fairly smart, optimistic, and energetic, but not very important. and definitely not popular. She doesn't always like loud noises and lots of people talking at once. She blushes very easily, and often thinks people are lying when they compliment her or say that she is cool or anything (but she will say that she herself is all the time). Sometimes she has very high self-confidence, sometimes she's afraid to do much of anything. But such is life.

She is addicted to cosplay and working on honing her skills in the area. Having won a small masq in the past, she is now setting her sights on taking over the world through cosplay. Or at least having a good time and improving her sewing and skit-composing skills, and meeting new friends through the craft.

She often drifts off into fantasy worlds, but doesn't always expect/feel able to do much in the real world. Luckily, she can generally tell the differences between what is real and what is not, though she may say other things and joke about negative situations she finds herself in. And when it does confuse her... well... let's not go there.

All in all, C-chan is either a living, walking paradox, or a mass hallucination. It is up to you to decide which.

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