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Day two involved basically no work on costume. This can mostly be blamed on the fact that I was out of the house from 6:30am until 10-ish pm. Yeah... >.<

However, I did pick up some paintbrushes, so I don't have to worry about hurting anyone's when I try to art attack and/or paint my creation.

Today, I managed to put together the skeleton, however.

Next steps:
Come up with the top (tomorrow?)
Double check it will fit in car (Monday)
Cut out holes for head and arms (Probably also Monday)

I also am half-done embroidering my duster if anyone's interested... I might try to get the other half done tomorrow... and then try to scrub off all the gel-pen on it (I have to scrub for it to come off... just putting it in the wash does little (I used cold water and didn't put it in the dryer, so it'd BETTER NOT have set!!!!!!!!!!!!). Mom scrubbed some of the marks and they're very faint now, but she didn't know there were some at other places, so I'm gonna have to take care of them. >.< And then hem the bottom, since I kinda want to be able to iron it before I hem it. (The person who marked it didn't take this into account... i don't think she necessarily does... but i like doing that....)
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So... today consisted of... ripping the box apart.

But before that, I had some fun. ^^

This is my box (the photos look like they were taken with nightvision or something... crappy camera....) 1 2

The box JUST fits (height-wise, not length wise, length is plenty small enough) in cars, and it's not gonna get any wider when i turn it into costume, so I should be good. I'll probably check again on Monday to be safe.

So, I was gonna take it apart, when I realize... Hey! I can probably fit in the box!
And, what do you know? I CAN!!!
I even took a very bad video, in which the lighting is horrible and my voice is in somewhat low-register (I can go lower, but yeah)!

But sadly... all things must come to an end, and the box was dissected into its four sides.

The length is great... from the measurements I've made, the sides of the cake should be approximately half the height of Kohran. The sides of the box, plus one of the flaps (there's one on either end, i haven't taken them off, and I probably won't) between 80 and 90cm, and I'm around 157cm. So... it's a little over half, and thus should work quite well. ^_^

Construction will begin... in a day or two. ^_^

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The girl: box_of_doom (Shown in cosplay, naturally.)

The costume: Ri Kohran -- cake variation

The timeline: Leaving for Anime North on the morning of Friday, May 23. It MUST be done by then. That means I have exactly two weeks to do this.

Supplies gotten so far: Box, tape, glasses, references, glue, slippers that I think will work as footwear

Supplies yet to acquire: Toilet paper, fabric, felt, nylons, hair elastics, paint

Supplies that haven't arrived yet, but have been purchased: Wig, wig cap

Ready? Then let the games begin.


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