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Not quite, but still pretty impressive...

Twelve. Hour. Skype. Conversation.
While making a hat. XD
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I joined the very day that free, non-invited accounts were re-opened to the public. No invitation code, no nothing.

That was in 2003.

It's 9 years later. 9 years.
Maybe I really should've gone for a permanent account somewhere down the line... but I'm happy with my free one.

Adds have come in, those are annoying.

Livejournal became more corporate -- first by it being bought out, then ads coming in (and plus accounts), then Brad left, then it became Russian?

And let's not forget strikethrough and boldthrough and downtime (oh my).

But it's still my little nook. I've been on here as myself and as various characters for so long. And it does feel like home.

...and now I realize I misread that question as "what major changes in Livejournal have you witnessed" rather than "what major life changes has livejournal witnessed". Well.

To answer the proper question, my grandma died, and I've graduated thrice. Yes, thrice. And next year will make four. Good for me? We'll see. ^_~

...and I've been single the entire time. ...except for a week right after getting my lj. That is, within a month of that.

Heh. Go figure. I forgot it worked out that clearly, but it was while ROTK was still in theatres, and that apparently was also /03. So.

Yeah. XD
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Ahahaha... you mean I can ever NOT have a song in my head?

Lately, it's been the entire RENT soundtrack.... x_x
...and variations thereof..... x_x

*totally blames [ profile] stkhlmxsndrm*
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The only possible answer is llamas.
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I think I've told this story before. But ah well, there's always time to tell it again. And go into the history of my account while I'm at it.

I first wanted to join lj back in the day that, kind of like Dreamwidth now, it required either payment or an invitation code. My cousin had an account and was holding onto, I believe one code. But she was holding on to it and... I had no other way that I could think of.

I finally ended up getting an account on the day that free accounts were open to the public. (So I've been here through the strikethrough massacres and the ad debacle. And still hold strong. If you'll note, my account is still basic. I hate ads. But I also don't see the point for paying for something that I can more or less do for free.)


There I was. December 12, 2003. Wanting to finally get an account, but stuck on what to name it. I wanted something to do with C-chan. I didn't want cettiegirl. I didn't want anything too fandom based, because I knew that love for fandoms can be fickle, and I didn't want to be stuck with a name that I'd end up not wanting a year or two in the future due to switching fandoms or whatever.

So what to name it? It had to be a name I'd like, that I'd hopefully not get tired of, and that was available for my use.

Backtrack to a month before.

This was my grade 11 year in school. My highschool's STAR (Students Together Against Racism) group was going to the JCCC. They had some room left, and the STAR teacher was my French teacher. My grade 11 (and 12) French class was TINY. So, we were invited to come along. (actually, I think all her language classes were....)

We had a few presentations at the JCCC -- they have a selection that teachers can choose from for class field trips. So we had Japanese food, and learned about tea ceremonies, and learned a bit about Japan in general, and learned how to do one of two types of origami.

For the origami, they gave us two choices. Frogs or fancy boxes. I had never been good at all at origami, but I decided I wanted to learn how to make the box.

So I did. And it worked really really well.

The box was red on the outside, white on the inside. My cousin made one that was white on the outside, black on the inside. I noted how it would look very cool if we combined ours and had red out, black in.

I named my box the box of doom. (The ...of doom part can be blamed on a number of factors, at least one of which may or may not be reading this post right now. XD) I meant the name to be for the one particular box, but it ended up being related with the style of box in general.

So back to December, and my inability to find an open name that I wanted. My cousin [ profile] xbillyxtalentx (ie the one who had the account from before I did) suggested maybe using the box of doom thing. She had been at the JCCC too, and... it was different and fun and... me.

And box_of_doom was available. And it sounded like a cool username more and more as I thought about it over the little while it took to confirm that yes I wanted that name.

And very rarely have I not been able to use that name other places. Gmail is one of the few I've seen so far that has a box of doom that is not me. Gaia and DevArt too, I think. I like this... relatively unique username thing.
I guess you could say that this was the start of my using consistent usernames too. ...go me?

I still make these boxes all the time when I'm bored, too. I should... start leaving them as signs of me being around and leaving cryptic notes and such. XD


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