Apr. 9th, 2015

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I ended up rereading a wonderful fic today. It hits home with me in ways that I'm not entirely sure I can, or at least not entirely sure I want to explain. That said, I've been having a lot of emotions lately that I'm not quite sure how to express. There's... a lot. None of it bad, at least none of it in that camp. Just. A lot, and I'm not quite sure how, or where, or to whom, to put it into words.

This week's been... interesting though. Monday, I had an interview for AWESOME SHINY JOB (of which there is a SLIGHTLY AWESOMER SHINY JOB but this is the AWESOME SHINY JOB that I am more likely to get of the two probably, and BOTH ARE ALMOST EXACTLY ME AND IN A PLACE THAT I REALLY WANT TO WORK AND AAHHHHHH), and the day went pretty well. But then everyone else was having bad days, and that brought me down because I felt pretty much guilty for having a good day when everyone else didn't. >.< And then Tuesday we had internet problems and I thought I'd be pretty much without for two weeks. Which I can do, but saying as I found out at a pretty bad time... yeah, not a good headspace. And then yesterday... I went downtown, got free tea and a very cute jacket, and saw a show and had dinner with friends, which was good. But I also broke my umbrella and got rather wet, got sidetracked a few times due to the streetcar being down, and had some general flailiness. Also what might be my first non-positive experience at a DAVIDsTEA. (not a BAD experience, just a "I got kind of annoyed so I left before purchasing anything and bought it at a different DAVIDS instead, at which I had a great experience except the bag my tea was in broke.) Today... shift was overwhelming and had to do it at the public library because there were supposed to be people coming over and changing our modem during that time period. The people didn't come, and dad has since gotten and installed the new one himself (along with a new plan which hopefully means I won't have to stress about internet again for a long time). But yeah. Thankfully, I really needed an evening of introverting and/or cuddles, and I was able to get the former, which was nice. Kinda scarfed down dinner so I could start that sooner, but after that shift... yeah I kind of needed that. (Note: I still love my job. Just sometimes shifts are a little overwhelming and I need to decompress after. Usually this is not the case, but it's not a bad decompress when such happens. Just an augh I need downtime.)

I'm really hoping that tomorrow I'll find out that I have a second interview to prepare for. I DO know that I'll have to do some work, and maybe some sewing if I'm feeling really industrious.

I also have a giant ToQger fic to write. Which should be lovely.

And Saturday is my birthday. So I'm really hoping for job news as present because best present. Especially if I get the thing. But yes.

But right now I'm just kind of getting over my feels from the fic. Which I probably should talk about with someone eventually but it's an odd topic and feelings, you know? And... yeah. Maybe sometime.


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